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If you want to look better or if you have yellowish teeth by smoking or drinking coffee, tooth whitening is a sure way to improve your smile and gain more confidence in their appearance. The system tooth whitening Zoom! AP 2® is a high-quality options offered spectacular results. In Dental Newton can administer this treatment in about an hour.  Their teeth can be up to eight tones clearer.

As is the procedure?
The dentist puts on each tooth a tooth whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide. Then applies a laser light to the teeth, this causes the degradation of hydrogen peroxide which allows the release of oxygen which penetrates into the teeth, the result is tooth whitening expected.

What results can you expect the patient?

According to the method of tooth whitening used, many patients see results that reach up to 10 shades whiter.  For immediate results, treatment is the preferred laser tooth whitening in the office, but with solutions more concentrated peroxide gel available on the market, the results of applications in the home can also be excellent to use continuum. Los kits de blanqueo para uso en el hogar también son prácticos para los retoques siempre que sean necesarios. The bleaching kits for use at home are also practical for tinkering always necessary.

The tooth whitening is permanent?
The tooth whitening can give incredible results.  However, it is important to remember that oral hygiene is an essential part of maintaining the outcome of tooth whitening. The snuff, coffee and tea will continue after staining teeth whitening. If this happens, an occasional retouching with a tooth whitening product for use at home or without prescription should keep their teeth with the same good looks that were after professional tooth whitening procedure.

It is painful tooth whitening treatment?
The tooth whitening procedure is not painful, if less, some patients may experience a slight sensitivity around the gum line after it has conducted the proceedings.

Surely the tooth whitening?
The tooth whitening is a very safe procedure that simply involves using a solution based on peroxide and a special light to remove stains and pigmentations.

The tooth whitening can affect dental work earlier?
The tooth whitening is a non-invasive procedure, is safe for patients who have dental work earlier. The dentist will examine the work existing dental and oral hygiene before starting the procedure for tooth whitening. If there are signs that the previous dental work had been weakened or be repaired, the dentist will suggest repairs before continuing with the procedure of tooth whitening.

There are side effects of tooth whitening?
Side effects of tooth whitening are very low and vary with the individual. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, gums or defective restorations very withdrawn, should consult a dentist before starting any tooth whitening procedure. Many patients who have sensitive teeth can still benefit from treatment provided they use a softer version of the formula peroxide bleaching. Los pacientes alérgicos al peróxido no deben usar los métodos de blanqueamiento dental tradicionales. Patients allergic to peroxide should not use the traditional methods of tooth whitening.

There are a tooth whitening system for sensitive teeth?
Many patients who have problems with sensitive teeth prefer the method of tooth whitening in the office one-hour, as it is faster, produces immediate results and requires an application of whitening gel over a period much shorter. Pregunte a su dentista cuál es el mejor método de blanqueamiento dental para usted. Ask your dentist what is the best method of tooth whitening for you.

What happens if I have a tetracycline stains?
With the professional tooth whitening many patients have obtained an astonishing reduction of the spots by tetracycline. Depending on the seriousness of pigmentation, are scheduled to patients multiple sessions tooth whitening or use a combination of methods to achieve the desired change. El dentista le recomendará la técnica de blanqueamiento dental que funcionará mejor para combatir las manchas por tetraciclina. The dentist will recommend the technique of tooth whitening that work best to combat by tetracycline stains.

What is the price Tooth whitening?
The price of tooth whitening Zoom! ® in the USA ranges from $ 500.00 to $ 1000.00 Dollars.
In Dental Newton Tijuana, the price of treatment is $ 249.99 Dollars.

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